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Light Duty Work

Is Your Employer Asking You to Perform Light Duty Work While Recovering from An Injury?

If you have been injured on the job and are being asked to come back during your recovery to perform light duty work, it could affect your workers' compensation claim. The lawyers at Haydon Law, PSC will help you sort through this and determine how it will affect your lawsuit.

It is important if you have been injured in a workplace accident that you fully recover before returning to regular duty work. Often times while you are recovering, your doctor will release you to return to work with restrictions and those restrictions may prevent you from returning to your regular job duties. During the time you have restrictions, your employer may have light duty work for you to perform while you recover. If your employer does not have light-duty work, you may be entitled to receive workers' compensation benefits for any time periods you are not working until you are released from your doctor's care.

Don't Jeopardize Your Claim

There are a number of common problems that occur with light-duty work and work restrictions. Your employer may ask you to perform work that is not necessarily light-duty and would violate your doctor's restrictions, or there may be an argument over what wage you should be paid while on light duty.

Our lawyers are here to help you with your claim and better understand workers' compensation laws. If your doctor has released you to return to work on light duty, or your employer is asking you to perform work that violates your doctor's restrictions, it is important to have a lawyer to review your claim in order to see that you are being treated fairly

How does light-duty work affect your workers' compensation claim? Get in touch with our workers' compensation lawyers today to answer the questions you may have about light-duty work and your claim.