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Types of Benefits

Dec. 4, 2019


There are many different types of social security disability benefits for which you may be eligible.

  • Retired Worker

  • Spouse of Retired Worker

  • Child of Retired Worker

  • Child of Deceased Worker

  • Aged Widower

  • Young Widower

  • Disabled Widower

  • Parent of Deceased Worker

  • Disabled Worker

  • Spouse of Disabled Worker

  • Child of Disabled Worker

  • Minor Child

  • Adult Disabled Before Age 22

  • High School Student Under Age 19

If you are eligible based on one of these criteria, you may be entitled to social security benefits. Our social security lawyers can help you through the process to start getting your benefits.

Are you in need of social security disability benefits? Contact our social security lawyers today to find answers to the questions you may have about your case.